Tuesday, July 29, 2014

July's Pretty Palette Challenge

This month's Pretty Palette challenge was a bunch of fun, once again. Thanks, Erin, for hosting and choosing such a great set of colors to use. This palette was similar to something I might use, but the yellows and more grey-blues were slightly outside of my normal color comfort zone. 

Here is the palette, inspired by Erin's niece's wedding:

And here is the set that I created!

The funny thing is that I made this set while sitting in a car during my son's soccer practice. This was my view: 
Needless to say, the boy got wet!
I just grabbed a few of those cards of finding sets that have jumprings, clasps, crimps, headpins and eyepins, and some bead strands that I thought went with the palette, put them in my handy beading tray lined with a bead mat and my go-to tools: a pair of round nose pliers, chain nose pliers and wire cutters. By the time soccer practice was over, I had this great set!

Green and turquoise gradient beads are beautiful together! (And notice that I used jumprings as spacers like in the Jazzy Jumprings post!)
This bracelet is really, really gorgeous, and it has that gradient effect that is so simple to achieve. I used a strand of the green faceted beads that are in a repeating pattern, and divided them into their colors, and added two of each hue. Then the three beads at the center are actually from a strand of beads that are repeating hues of turquoise blue. The colors worked great together!
These simple earrings use the same dangles as the necklace.
 I found that my findings kits didn't include ear wires, so I fashioned these out of the eyepins. I think I did alright!

The necklace hangs a little low, like I like them lately, and it just happened that the second set of beads that I strung near the back of the necklace are slightly darker than the first strand, so the ombre effect happened on its own in this necklace, sort of like the bracelet!

Thanks for hosting, Halcraft and Erin! I look forward to next month's challenge! To see the rest of the designs, head to www.Halcraft.com/blog. There's more inspiration and some beautiful projects!


  1. Beautiful pieces, Molly... the blues and greens are sublime together :)

    1. Thank you so much, Monique! I LOVE the palettes that Erin finds for us to play with. Do you ever play along?