Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Pretty Palettes :: May 2016 Reveal

Boho is the name of the game this month, and the beads and images that Erin chose for Halcraft's Pretty Palette color challenge were beautiful! To learn more about Erin Prais-Hintz' color challenge, visit the Halcraft inspiration blog. Each month she posts an image to inspire as well as a theme, and anyone who wants to can play along by creating jewelry and posting it on her blog. It's a blast to see what others do with a similar batch of beads, and it gives you an excuse to peruse some of your favorite blogs and discover new favorites!

Here's what Erin chose for May's Pretty Palette:

I love all of these beads! The ones on the right made of wood are some of my favorites in the new Bead Gallery line at Michaels. There were so many possibilities!

I started as I sometimes do when I'm trying to get a sense of flow with a batch of beads: make a pair of earrings. Even though the wooden "wheels" are large, they're very lightweight, so I decided to use them in earrings for a big visual punch.

I added the dragonfly connectors as a quick layer and some peachy diamond-shaped beads that mirror the diamonds in the wheels. Now that I see the dragonflies in the photo, I wonder if I might like them with a bit of patina on them. (I'll file that idea away for next time.)

The peachy diamonds have an Asian print on them, which lends to the free-spirited traveler vibe I'm trying to give.
After playing around with the wheel beads some more, I decided to go with using them as multiple-strand connectors for my necklace. That's where things got a little bit crazy. I had these great metallic spikes, then I found some blue sequins in a strand and these beautiful red wooden beads!

I got a bit excited about seeing all of those colors and textures together, so I went for it! I love how it turned out, though I think it leans toward tribal as well as bohemian. What do you think?

I can't wait to see what Erin chooses for next month's Pretty Palette. To find out, visit next Wednesday, 6/1/16.
Thank you for visiting, and to see the rest of the projects made for this month's Pretty Palette challenge, click below!