Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Frosted Lamb's Ears :: November Pretty Palettes

What a fall this has been. I've enjoyed how the season hasn't jumped straight into winter as it does sometimes. This Halcraft Pretty Palettes challenge was a nice soft transition from fall to winter. It was frosty as well as maintaining its warmth.

This month's Pretty Palette was chosen by the Halcraft Facebook fans. They voted which of these palettes they liked the best:
The final four Pretty Palettes palettes!
I loved them all, but in the end, the winner was Susan Conaway's Lamb's Ears & Maple Leaves. Gorgeous, right?

I don't think I ever would have put all of these colors together on my own without having this palette to work from. That is what I LOVE about Pretty Palettes, how it pushes me in my color choices.

Here are the beads from Michaels that I came home with. I ended up adding a pendant as well, as you'll see. Many are the same as the ones Erin Prais-Hintz posted in her inspiration blog post, but a few weren't available, so I picked ones I liked that worked within the theme and I also added a few silver plated spacer-type beads and tiny faceted glass bead for a wee bit of sparkle.
I first started on a necklace using a simple opaque glass pendant. I liked where it went and used a few fancy wire twists for some of the links.

I liked that it converted well into a long necklace (don't you love this trend?), but felt frustrated that I didn't use all of the colors available from my Pretty Palette, so I decided to move on to the bracelet. 

I wanted to make a memory wire bracelet, but I was out of memory wire, so I just started stringing lengths of seed beads onto Beadalon's .015" beading wire, which I like for seed beads because it still drapes well. As it turned out, my strands became quite pretty as a multi-strand necklace! I figured it could be worn either way. Which way do you like it better?

Tip: keep the width of your beads about the same when mixing in accents. This helps with the flow of the piece.
A few metal accent beads go a long way in a layered look necklace/bracelet like this one. Be careful how you place them for the greatest visual impact.

A great thing about this necklace/bracelet is that by using some bumpy rings at the end of your necklace you can gather the strands as well as cover your crimps and give your beads a little room to slide around so that the drape of the necklace isn't stiff. 
Cover your crimps!

Finally, a girl's gotta have a pair of earrings, so I made a pair with dangles of turquoise gray like the lamb's ears. 
The bumpy rings make great connectors as well as spacers beside beads for added texture.
Frosted Lamb's Ear jewelry set by Molly Schaller for Halcraft's Pretty Palettes blog hop November 2016
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