Thursday, June 5, 2014

May Pretty Palettes Reveal

It's time for another Pretty Palette reveal! This month (well, last month, but the website had some problems that had to be worked out which made the post a little late) Halcraft's Pretty Palettes colors really spoke to me. I love Erin's choice!

I don't know if it was that the winter was so long, or that the colors were so luscious, but I could hardly wait to put something together using these pretties.

Here's the palette:
April showers are sure to bring pretty May flowers in this pretty palette from Design Seeds.
And here's my design. I decided to just choose beads to string onto memory wire to look like a bunch of stacked bangles. What do you think?

Want to see what Erin, Barb, Katie, Mykeall, Michelle & Denise all made?  Just click here!

Want to play along? Erin Prais-Hintz finds gorgeous inspiring palettes every month and shares them on the Halcraft USA blog. June's Pretty Palette will be revealed next Wednesday.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The New Girls

Oh, it's been too long since I've written here, but there has been good reason. The reason looks like this:
Meet Muffin. She as well as 5 other little ladies--and one rooster, oops!--were added to our budding homestead the week before Easter. Muffin likes riding in tiny farm equipment, or rather, she did. Now the chickens look more like this:
The ladies (and the rooster who was supposed to be a hen) enjoy a snuggle under a bush for their afternoon nap.
I have wanted to try my hand at raising chickens for years, maybe for the better part of my life, but I had never had the space or guts to give it a shot. Technically, chickens aren't allowed in Muncie town limits. Now that we live out of town and have our own acreage we're giving this a try.

We have Nudge and Tater Tot,two amerucaunas who should lay blue eggs, Muffin the buff orpington, Rosie the Rhode Island Red, Fudge the miscellaneous rooster who must have been in the wrong bin at the feed store and was supposed to be a silver laced wyandotte, but doesn't look at all like one, Fang the austrolorp, and Tooties, a puffy white silky, who is significantly younger than the rest because they didn't have silkies the first time I went to the feed store but did the second time. I had to do some convincing to buy just her; the store usually sells chicks by the half dozen and I can see why, these girls--and boy--like to stick together and have a distinct "cry" peep when they're left alone.

We're working on turning my old college loft into a coop. We've almost finished it! I'll post photos when it's done.

Until tomorrow, when I am going to post a my May Pretty Palettes project for Halcraft, have a crafty day!