Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Satin Sparkle Necklace

Happy nearly new year from the Crafty Mama! 

As you know, I almost always participate in the monthly blog hop hosted by Halcraft. This month's Pretty Palette theme was Vintage Bubbly. 
December 2016's Pretty Palettes Bead Gallery beads
To see others' pieces, you can jump to the Halcraft blog and check out today's post

I created a piece with vintage feel based on the pearl and rhinestone connectors. Taking a closer look at these, I was impressed with the details!

Just look at all the tiny rhinestones tucked in among the pearls!
Keeping things simple with a really beautifully sparkling component.
Instead of using all three components as a centerpiece, I decided to detach the center floret and use it as a pendant on a simple long necklace that can be worn on its own or layered with another necklace. The multiple connection points make a couple different options possible. 

Next, I started on what I imagined would become a multi-strand hair accessory, something the Downton Abbey crowd might wear to dinner. It could be worn over an updo. across the hair and fastened on either side with the two components with strands of beads and chain between.

But as I worked through the design, I realized that I wanted to add quite a few strands of beads (there were SO MANY pretty beads!) and I wouldn't have the correct hair accessories to use to attach this behemoth to my unsuspecting teen daughter's hair for photos. 

I nearly made a piece that could be attached as an embellishment on a cardigan or sweater set by using attachments to the button and button-hole near the neckline. Which you could definitely do without too much trouble.
Just add a button to one side and a loop to the other side to create a retro sweater set embellishment!
In the end, I continued on, because I really can't get enough of the big, messily wrapped rhinestone disks. Don't you just love these? I think the way they look with the pearls and mixed metals are perfect to give the more traditional pearl and rhinestone connectors a little bit of edge. 
A little bit retro with a hint of edge, Satin Sparkle is a fun necklace set that combines the sparkle of glass facets and metal facets with the satiny surface of acrylic pearls. 

I loved working with these beads and can hardly wait until next month's reveal! Join us next Wednesday on the Halcraft blog for a new challenge based on 2017's Pantone Color of the Year!


  1. Thank you for participating. May your new year be filled with creative endeavors. Enjoy the day! Erin

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