Wednesday, November 26, 2014

November Pretty Palettes :: Frost on the Pumpkin

This month's pretty palette features very familiar colors for me, as a pile of pumpkins sit jumbled next to the door to my house, which is sided in a gray so similar to the gray in this month's Pretty Palettes blog hop! Find out more about Erin Prais-Hintz' Pretty Palettes blog hop on the Halcraft USA Inspiration blog.
Actually, when I checked them this morning, one looked decidedly squishy, so I think it might be about time to clear the pumpkins out to make room for some Christmas decorations!

I've seen so many color block style necklaces lately that I just loved that I decided that this was my chance to give making one of my own a try. I just had to find the right beads.

When I saw the white gradient pearls in the Bead Gallery aisle at Michaels, I knew that I had to use them in this project for the warm grey tones. They're so easy to use, in that you just string them in the order that they are strung on the plastic cord on the card. Each card has two strands, so it took 3 cards to make this 3-strand necklace. The best part of this is that you can remove a few faux pearls from the ends of the strand near where the clasp attaches to create the right drape for the necklace as well as lining up the more strongly colored beads near the center of the necklace.

One other pick was a bit of a luxury: these faceted banded onyx beads are a little larger than I usually wear, but they're so amazing in their colors and striations.
All I needed to do now was string some strong orange rounds and add a few rhinestone spacers for flare, and I've got the perfect necklace for my trip home for Thanksgiving! I think this would look great with a pair of brown cords, slouchy sweater, and boots, as it's on the long side, which makes it feel more casual than a traditional pearl necklace.
 To see others' project for this month's Pretty Palettes blog hop, jump on over to the Halcraft blog & thanks for visiting!


  1. Ummm .... WOW! I love it! I hadn't seen those gradient pearls in this color. That is gorgeous! I love the warmth that the orange rounds bring and the graduated length. This is a perfect necklace and I know you will look great in it for Thanksgiving! THANK YOU for all the friendship and fun and the awesome opportunities to work with you. I feel truly blessed. Enjoy the day. Erin

  2. Back atcha, Erin! I love working with you, too! Each time I sit down to work on these challenges I have such a great time. I look forward to it every month! Sometimes I even peek at the blog posts to see the next month's challenge beads and palette ahead of the publishing date! Can't wait to spend some time together in Cleveland soon!

  3. My favorite by far. LOVE IT. I would wear it all day long! Thanks for the little tips about the multi-strand evening out.

  4. Alison, thank you so much! I had a great time with this necklace, and adjusting the different lengths of color blocks made it a small but manageable challenge. Just the kind I like! :)