Saturday, November 3, 2012

Keeping Ears Warm

The small one had been in need of a hat with the wind whipping around recently, so last night I sat down in front of the computer to find a good pattern. (My earlier attempt at a hat had no ear flaps or chin strap to secure it to W's head, so it was quickly ripped off at the first opportunity.)

My first stop is always Ravelry, a wonderful site with searching potential that makes it easy to use up my stash. After popping in the following criteria--baby, hat, bulky, knitting, free--I found this great pattern. I knit a bit while we watched a movie, and then picked up the project again this morning,  and before lunch we had our own Teo Hat!

The profile is even cuter.
Nothing better than walking with a little boy in a sweet hat. Next will be to give those sweet little fingers a warm home!


  1. What a sweetie he is, Molly! Your hat is adorable and that website sounds marvellously intuitive.